Our work

We are present in different provinces of the Argentine Republic and in the city of Miami, United States, carrying out projects with teachers, students, young people, adults, boys, girls, professionals and workers.


Teaching and learning in the Metaverse.

City of childrens
Think about the public space of schools with the smallest children.

Ciudadania Green
Environmental awareness and education for youth and adults

Chubut Educate
Rethink what we teach from the ministries and secretaries of Education, edition Province of Chubut.

Creative Digital
Education digital and programming with a focus on employability.

Creation of valuable content thought by and for the youngest.

Activities and experience of working with students of the last year of secondary school.

On going
Teaching and learning with digital tools and information technologies.

Web/web app programming and development.

New ways of teaching in a new world.

Enhance Learning
First steps for literacy for children and adolescents.

First Line
Training innovative leaders.

Skill Up
Enhance soft skills in informal workers.