Our Programs

We have a multidisciplinary team of educators, communicators, social promoters, who accompany schools and organizations in the design and implementation of projects to improve educational conditions and the quality of life of communities.

En Marcha Project

This project its a process of two training modules of 4 (four) months destined to the incorporation of virtual teaching-learning strategies and their technologies for the performance of the teaching role and of the students both in the present and in the future. Currently, learning to design, innovate and understand through information and communication technologies are skills that serve all areas of life, but mainly necessary for current teaching and student practices.

Gendi Project

It’s a teacher training program that, through a didactic approach, offers an update of academic training in terms of pedagogical strategies. Emerged from the need to incorporate distance education more intensely in societies, the Gendi Project proposes an educational offer that contemplates the hybrid scenario (face-to-face/virtual) in which we currently live. In this program, teachers will know and learn to implement the Flipped Classroom and Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodologies.

Gendi+ Project

It’s an online course where secondary school students are offered innovation workshops that, working with the modality of collaborative technological projects, allow them to form small research and development groups.

In each workshop, young people are presented with real challenges to improve life in their own communities, which allows them to believe in their own potential and in the strength of collaborative work.

Powered Learning

This proposal is based on the incorporation of a new teaching model training neighborhood leaders, caregivers and parents who collaborate in the most vulnerable communities.

The latter will be in charge of implementing pedagogical material in non-school contexts where they interact with the children and adolescents of their communities.

Green Citizens

A program is proposed that makes the Green Points visible and transforms them into centers of dissemination and awareness of the importance of generating a more sustainable city among all the neighbors.

Ultimately, it seeks to accompany, raise awareness and train residents in order to have a real impact on the environment and for this purpose a series of participatory activities are proposed such as workshops, training, exhibitions, artistic interventions, among others, that address content and environmental actions on various topics. For this, the main axes are waste, energy, climate change, green spaces, urban agriculture.

Life Link

This project consists of the incorporation of final year high school students to a series of activities that take place in a work environment.

The fundamental purpose is to provide young people with tools and techniques to function in the workplace when they decide to do so.