Go Higher.
Get Beyond.
All Together

This is what we believe in everyday when we decide to work towards a world with opportunities for everyone.

We want a society with equality and prepared to face the new challenges in a more innovative and sustainable way.

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Potenciar Foundation is built on the belief that a better world comes in with innovative public policies and a strategic use of the resources.

Carlos Torrendell - President

Our Programs

We teamwork with several private and public organizations to achieve more impact on the communities.

Our Principles Act

At the Potenciar Foundation we look forward to establish education as the cornerstone where all the other disciplines, ciences, áreas can relie on to think the goals of the world’s society.

We’re committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN). We want that all of our programs can be tested against the highest quality and efficiency standards.

As institution, as well as individuals, we value honesty, integrity, openness, excellence, self-improvement, teamwork and new ideas.

We are committed to the 4th Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education

Technology offers us a huge range of tools and resourses that we can use according to the goal of each class. That’s why is so important to be prepared and learn how and when is recommended to use them to achieve a significant learning.


Alto Río Senguer

All of these resources are excellent for every work environment that im involved. In my case, I’m a slow-learner but when I get used to it I can do so many better things.



This course it’s the first that I do on the virtual way. I’ve never done this before, I’m an old fashioned with fear of the technology but thanks to this course now I’d like to learn more!


Puerto Madryn

Our strategic allies